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《Dongguan Daily》 Report about our factory.
Issue Time:2019-12-03

“Dongguan Daily”

700 thousand lanyards of official certificates of London Olympics were manufactured by the enterprise of Dongguan

The enterprise had passed the overall inspection of authorized third party before it obtains the order.

Weifeng Sun  Source: Dongguan time network --Dongguan Daily


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“700 thousand of lanyards produced by ourselves were utilized by London Olympic Games officially.” The boss (Jieming Chen) of Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd which lies in Shatian town sighed with emotion. He learned just a few hours ago on the eve of opening ceremony of the London Olympics by MicroBlog because of the spot photo of the reporter.

For many years, in many large international and national tournaments we

always found the shadows of “ Made in Dongguan”, Of course including

London Olympics. “Wenlock” (London Olympic mascot) etc Olympic

Chartered Souvenirs were manufactured by a toy factory of Hengli Town.

In addition, the lanyards of official certificates were produced by a

company from Shatian town of Dongguan.

Until the eve of the opening ceremony, the factory learned that the lanyards produced by themselves were utilized for Olymics officially.

Our reporter learned by Internet that a reporter which participated the opening ceremony of London Olympics showed his photo before interview by MicroBlog, and this piece of MicroBlog was forwarded by the famous Blogger Shiqi Pan and was remarked. The internet friend of “ Jacky from Shenzhen” noticed this piece of MicroBlog and he was interested in the lanyard of reporter card hanging on the neck of this reporter, he found that the lanyard was produced by his factory. This Internet friend of “ Jacky from Shenzhen” was the boss ( Jieming Chen) of Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd.

When the opening ceremony commenced officially, the lanyards of cards which were hanging on the neck of all the officials and athletes all showed out. Huang Zhuang, sales manager of Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd said: “ at that time a Japanese client who has a long-term cooperation with us telephoned me, kidding to ask whether those lanyards were produced by our factory.” Lastly the client also felt very surprised when he learned they were real to be the products of Zhanhong factory.

Huang Zhuang showed a certificate of authorization from London Olympics Organizing Committee & “Customs clearance certificate” which was provided by the client, showing that the lanyards produced by Zhanhong factory were authorized by 2012 London Olympics Organizing Committee officially.

Jieming Chen said, in the end of April, 2010, Zhanhong factory took part in Canton Fair, some customers quickly seeked him to negociate the cooperation project of 2012 London Olympics. After officially factory inspection, Zhanhong factory undertook the production of promotional gifts and selling products etc relevant to London Olympics. But the buyer didn’t told them that the products were used for official lanyards of delegations.

Until holding the Olympic Games opening ceremony, Zhanhong factory confirmed that the lanyards produced by themselves were used for Olympics officially.

The reporter also saw the official certificate lanyards for Olympics as well as other kinds of samples of string souvenirs and business selling products in the showroom of Zhanhong factory.

Striving for 20 days to complete the production of 700 thousand lanyards

Jieming Chen said, in September of 2010 some mysterious clients began to committed Third Party Authority for overall inspection of Zhanhong factory. After two months, Zhanhong factory stuck out from the numerous factories. It passed the one-time verification and finally was selected the sole official supplier. 

Regarding the verification, Huang Zhuang sighed : “ in 2004 when we produced for Athens Olympic Games, it hadn’t complete process. But this time they have overall strict verification in production scale, quality control, professionalism and social responsibility etc.”

According to Huang Zhuang, the design of lanyards was offered by London Olympics Organizing Committee. Until March of this year, Zhanhong factory received the design drawing, after modifications of several times, until April the design drawing was confirmed hastily. By then the production time permitted by the client rested less than one month.

“At that time we felt very nervous, the client only told us the order was very very important, and the quality must meet the requirements exactly, but the delivery time was very short.” Jieming Chen recalled, “ We held a meeting of production that very night, and drew out the produciton program, controlled every process of production with high level strictly.”    

“After striving 20 working days continuously, we finally completed the task of the client and reached his requirements in quantity and quality.” Huang Zhuang still remembered the scene very clearly, “ at that time the client felt very happy because we completed his task within such short period and met his standards, so he had a celebratory dinner for us, but he still didn’t reveal the real usage of these lanyards.”  

Jieming Chen expressed : “ in the beginning we just guessed, until the opening ceremony we saw the producing lanyards became the certificate lanyards of delegations and reporters through MicroBlog, we can confirm. I feel very excited and proud.”

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