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65% Chartered products of London Olympics were manufactured....

July 31 of 2012,time: 23:03 Source: XinhuaNet Reporter: Chunnan Yang,Yi Chen, Gailei Wang 65% Chartered products of London Olympics were......


Olympic official lanyard is produced in Shatian of Dongguan

Summary: for many years, in many large tournaments we always found the elements of " Made in Dongguan", of course including London Olympics.........



  DONGGUAN ZHANHONG covers an area of 13,000 square meters, with self-built modern standard workshop with more than 20,000 square meters. We have our own dyeing, weaving, embroidering, silk-printing, heat-transferring, assembly department. All manufacturing processes and normal simple testing are done on site at our own factory.
  DONGGUAN ZHANHONG specialize in a variety of lanyards, luggage belts, pet leashes, shoelaces, fashion belts, medal lanyards, mobile phone pouches, camera belts, guitar straps and other straps extending

DONGGUAN ZHANHONG weaving,Hidden Champion of lanyards production in the world.
Three generations have been concentrating on the Ribbon industry
Built Dongguan Zhanhong the global hidden champion in lanyards field through three generations of 25 years'operation.
 Our Taiwan family appointed Chen Minyi as General Manager, brought shoelaces production technology from Taiwan, invested and set up factory in Guangdong Province in 1992, named Yuchang Weaving Co.Ltd which specialized in shoelaces making. My father Chen Dongguan Zhanhong joined Yuchang Corperation under invitation of our Taiwan family and mainly responsible for business development.....

Christian ,Stick to honesty

I grew up with my grandmother who believed in Jesus. When I was a child, I always followed my grandmother to the church and listened to the rules of "Bible"from the adults. When I was an adult, I had opportunity to read the book of "Wealth secret" from Rockefeller and learned the principles of doing business and conducts, and believed the integrity is the root of everything. Thanks for ancestors to achieve today's accomplishmen.
In 1930's my grand-grandmother Yulia Lin was responsible to spread True Jesus teachings from Indonesia to the hometown Zhangpu, which had accumulated the good karma.

Broke the secure job in system.joined the foreign trade team.

After experience in Grade 4 of high school ( took part in college entrance examination twice), as if thousands of horses and soldiers came across a single-plank bridge twice, I stepped in Pearl River Delta for the first time where was full of private-owned enterprises & foreign companies , it's filled with vitality.
I made a decision to give up the lifelong job which needed a keen competition with the classmates and would gain the distribution after graduation. In the summer of 1992, in the afternoon of graduation I resolutely boarded the long-distance passenger bus towards Southern !

Dawn of Canton Fair made him find the direction of creating enter...

When I took part in Canton Fair for the first time, in the stand of 1 x 3m, the european customer glittered in his eyes,"Good price!"and he hurriedly took out the money in US dollars to pay the deposit. At that moment I found a new classification of lanyards. So I carried out the plan again and used all my savings to buy the land and build up the garden factory in high grade.

Implanted Huawei spirit, encouraged the team power

When I contacted Huawei, I felt into place. In 2004 I began to change the family-run management and introduced the partner system. The course is very difficult, encountering all kinds of misunderstanding… At Christmas Eve, Zhengfei Ren worte an official denunciation of Christmas "The Spring River Flows East", which made me moved, bursting into tears.

Whole Cooperation responses the financial crisis

During financial crisis, we sought "the opportunity" in jittery atmosphere. In October of 2008,at the Tianxing dock of Hongkong, the stock information on the screen made the passers stop the hurry pace, astonished by stock. I hurried to go back the factory and discussed the strategies with the high lever supervisors:
1. Returned the profits to customer, and adjusted the price in discount which never appeared before; Visited the suppliers and analysed the situation, in order to let the suppliers offer the discount. At the key moment, our honesty effected : the discount part for customers basically was absorbed by the suppliers.
2. Appealed the sales, design & purchasing etc departments for extra work hours, in order to minimize the influence of time difference , enhancing the interactive efficiency with the customers from USA & Europe;
3. Recalled all sales staff to make the streamer of " during financial crisis , we are together with you " in the busy workshop. After taking photo, we made it as a Christmas card. The special and meaningful Christmas card moved many customers. Responding in advance, arranging in advance let the company pass the crisis and gain the profits, as well as attract more potential customers who hadn't been conquered for a long time.
In 2009 our sales volume increased , instead of decreasing, and enhanced the concentration in the field.

In the background of mass data, we look forward to C2B mode step ...

With the tendency from large orders but less order quantity to small orders but more order quantity, the data of production is larger and larger, the spot management becomes more and more difficult, the demands of cutomers become more and more individualized.
In 2014, with becoming mature for Mobile Internet and populization of smart mobile and 4G on-line, we embark to information construction of internal management, reshape the relationship between the customer and the factory.

Look forward to ZHANHONG's future

Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd wishes to become the most professional, most competitive lanyard manufacturer leading in the global market. Accumulated for over 20 years, we swear to construct ourselves and struggle for our vision of " hundreds years of Zhanhong" . We will research C2B business mode, research the material, innovate in appearance, improve our service, move with the times continously basing on customers' demands. Meanwhile we will make effort to transform to automatic production, enhance our production efficiency, management level and customers' satisfaction, reduce the intermediate links, improve the interactive efficiency with the end customers.
1、Why dare hundreds years of Zhanhong come true ? Because we always move forward at any time on the road of pursuing customers' satisfaction;
2、Why would hundreds years of Zhanhong come true ? Because as long as we exist, we don't permit any flawed lanyards in the world.
3、Why is hundreds years of Zhanhong sure to come true ? Because in the near future, Zhanhong environmentally-friendly, pretty, high-quality and stylish lanyards will penetrate all aspects of your life.

Tu WenZhen
POSITION:Production manager
production manager of Dongguan Zhanhong Weaving String Co.,Ltd. I engaged in lanyard industry from 1997, from a general staff to an administrative staff, proficient in all kinds of production process like dyeing, weaving, printing, assembling, high-speed weaving and braiding etc. Our strong and professional team will always provide you the best for all your orders.  
Mike Zone
POSITION:Sales manager
11 years We opened our market to the globe 15 years ago, and now, we have our customers almost in every corner of the world. There are a lot of corporations suffered from different degrees of contraction under bad external situation since economic crisis in 2007.But both of our sales volume and market share had increased. To say the key of success, four words in conclusion "high quality low price".  
POSITION:Quality&Auditing supervisor
Hello, this is WuJun, mainly responsible for quality control, inspection and safety of production in our company. I have been working here for more than 6 years, it's my pleasure to meet Mr. Chen(our general manager) and my superior Mike. Under their full confidence and support to my work, I greatly enjoy working here, as I can fully play my ability and realize my value in this company. At the same time, we have a very excellent team. Because of our mutual trust and support, excellent and thorough work, keep forging ahead and striving higher level to satisfy customers' requirement. We got the best guarantee for our quality.We keep the business idea of " Integrity management, keep up with the times and customers first" with positive innovation and always strive to provide customers the competitive products.
I've been working here for more than 16 years. If you ask me why I can stay here for so long, my answer is "I love working here". We work like a big family, our boss and manager just like brothers, they are very kind to all of us. With the humanized management in our company, we believe we will be your best choice.Choose Dongguan Zhanhong, choose the top!
Sunny chen

I have been work here about 15 years. I love working here and enjoy my work very much. As we working as a big family, they give me a sense of security. Most of our customers also treat us as old friends. We will offer you best service, i believe we will be your best choice,Choose Dongguan Zhanhong, Choose the top

Amanda Mei
As a member of Dongguan Zhanhong, I have been working here for 11 years. It's really my great pleasure to work here with this big family. I am always full of energy to deal with my work, especially to  your inquiries and needs. High efficiency, best service. competitive prices and excellent quality make us the leader of this industry. Choose us, then you have chosen the top!
Xia Hua

展宏織帯営業部の夏花と申します、主に弊社の日本向けの業務を担当致します。 2012年10月に入社して以来、既に7年が経っております。社内皆家族みたいに仕事だけではなく、毎日の日常生活も大変楽しく過ごせます。 弊社は顧客のために良いサービスを提供することができて、優秀な品質と合理的な価格、だから展宏織帯を選んで、トップを選びます! どうもご愛顧を賜りますようお願い申し上げます 。

  • High standard quality control system and production process
      We have our own Rohs standard dyeing ,weaving,computer jacquard,silkscreen printing, heat transfer and assembling department. The first to have our own product testing laboratory.Meanwhile,to construct strong quality control system,we employed professional person who had rich experiences on quality controlling in Janpanese enterprise.Which ensured us efficient and stable production under good quality control with perfect matching.

    1、Offer product consultation for users free, our consulting hotline is : 86-769-88666118-8010

    2、Offer the samples of product, enterprise brief introduction,certifications etc materials for user free.

    3, Invite the customer to visit our company and learn our production, procedures, samples, testing installation and quality management system.

    4, Offer design service for customers free.


    1、During manufacturing, we will invite the user to check all of our procedures and testing, and inform the user the testing standards and testing results.

    2、After signing the contract, we will follow the order till delivery. If the customer requires for QC before delivery, our sales staff will cooperate with you actively in order to ensure the smooth fulfillment of QC.

    3、In accordance with the assigned packing and logistics of customer, we will prepare for delivery and ensure the timely delivery.


    1、We will repay a visit for users periodically, and learn the usage of our products. At the same time we will solicit opinions in quality and technology, in order to better serve for customers.

    2、Special email of after-sales service: info@zhanhong.com.cn.

    3、 Regularly send our season's greetings and recommend our new products etc.

Sole Lanyard Authorized Manufacturer of 2012 London Olympics1

In April of 2010, sooner afer Canton Fair, some customers went to discuss the cooperation project about 2012 London Olympics. Among them one customer found us at the first time and kept close touch with us. The customer felt satisfied that we are the leading enterprise in this field, and we are furnished with all kinds of manufacture equipments and processes, as well as our quality management is reassured, passing the factory inspection of many authority branches in respect of social responsibility & environmental protection. In addition we have undertook the mission of South Africa World Cup, Germany World Cup and Beijing Olympics and helped them produce many products & free gifts, enjoying the good reputation. Because we meet the customer's requirements in all aspects, the customer fell in love with us at first sight.

    Three months later, the customer officially commissioned the third party to have a formal audit for our factory, including production scale, quality management, social responsibility etc. While we smoothly passed the inspection one-time ! At that time, the customer revealed that they had investigated many professional lanyard factories from Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang provinces by various channels before, lastly they selected 3 factories to have formal audit. After audit we were confirmed as the sole official supply. After knowing that we felt how difficult the final result came for us !

    After passing the factory inspection, our factory always undertook the promotional gift and selling products related to London Olympics only. But the buyer didn't tell us the usage of the lanyards –for all delegations. At the beginning of 2012, sooner after Spring Festival Holiday we received an order of 700 thousand Olymics lanyards with heat-transfer printing. And the customer noted the delivery date was April 19, without any delay when placing order. In principle the production time was enough after we returned from Spring Festival Holiday, while the drawing of customer changed again and again, totally more than 10 times. Till April 2 the drawing was finally confirmed. By that time it was only less than 20 days from the delivery time. The fact was, the delivery time ( deadline) couldn't be delayed, we must print the sample firstly in a limited time, and then wait for the customer's confirmation for sample, lastly we could directly begin the mass production. In this way the actual production time was only 15 days. The deadline was tight, or to say the delivery time couldn't be delayed. In coincidence with Tomb - sweeping Day ( Chinese Traditional Festival) at the beginning of April , the customer requested us to work overtime during Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday because the delivery time was really tight. During the production process of more than 10 days, the customer flied to our factory twice for encouraging us. And we tried our best to ensure the high quality & punctual delivery time for this order, meanwhile we also had the normal production for other customers.

    Striving for over 10 days continuously, we finally fulfilled the task with high quality & full quantity for the customer. On the delivery date the customer was very moved and felt very incredible for punctual delivery & high quality. The customer insisted to invite us for dinner, invite our responsible staff to have the celebration dinner. Until that moment the customer still didn't reveal the solemn usage of the products. When the Olympics entered the opening ceremony, we just learned that our products –Lanyards became the prevailing pass lanyards of the delegations all over the world. We felt very excited and proud !

    One year later, we gathered with the customer again, by then the customer told us actually they had a cooperating factory for three years, but the factory scale was small. In order to find the satisfied factory, they almost filtered all potential factories. They expressed with sigh that the requirements were so strict and the delivery time was so tight. Fortunately they met with our factory, otherwise the consequence was terrible & unbearable to contemplate. Even if passing one year, they still felt " terrible & worried" for that ! 


Contact Person:



(0086)-769-88666118-8010 / (0086)-13450015004



44th Pearl road, Shatian Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523981, CHINA