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Sales team sharing meeting
Issue Time:2019-12-03


On June 6 of 2016, Our company staff Amada who excels in English and has passed TEM-8 ( Test for English majors) prepared a meeting about “English learning experience” for us.


Firstly she talked about the words ( including the pronunciation and the vocabulary). She mentioned when she learned English, the teacher spent some time on teaching the phonetic symbols again. As we know well, the phonetic symbols are like Chinese Pinyin. If your pronunciation is wrong, the whole words are wrong. So it’s very important to correct the pronunciation. Regarding the words, she said we should pay attention to reviewing “ those have learned to master new things” in addition to reciting and accumulation. She also introduced a kind of derived memory method for some words which would helps us recognize more words, so we need to accumulate the words in daily life.


Secondly it’s listening. She emphasized the order of listening, firstly we need to listen precisely, and then we can listen it generally again. The called “precise listening” refers to understand every words. For example, when you see the film or a dialogue, you must make clear every sentence, every word ( even preposition). If you don’t make clear, you can revert to listen again until you understand completely. So she always repeated to listen to a dialogue or see a film repeatedly for a few days, one month, even half a year or one year, as long as you can insist on learning for 20 -30 min like that every day, you will find you can make great progress.


Lastly it’s reading & writing. She said in fact they are complementary to eachother. If you read more and recite more, and your language sense will be better and better, sometimes you can smoothly express the meaning once you open the mouth. For writing it’s very easy, without any grammar problem. Maybe you aren’t conscious which grammar is used, but you know how to express. You need speak loudly , don’t be afraid of mistakes. When you speak out, you can be conscious of your mistake and then you have chance to correct it. She also suggests us to write compositions like the pupils, you’d better write the diary, composition, abstract in English, insisting on doing so, you will gain the rewards.


Learning English is not for showing in face of others, not fulfilling the task, it’s because we should be more excellent !


In the end of meeting, she used a sentence of ”Practice makes Perfect” to encourage all of us.



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